Titan Autonomous University

Titan Autonomous University (TAU) is located in the city of Aarhus, a settlement of five million transhumans near the planetoid’s south pole.
Located on the shore of Ontario Lacus, a wide, shallow sea of liquid methane, Aarhus has grown from being the first site of human habitation on Titan, chosen for its proximity to abundant hydrocarbons.

The city itself is the physical hub of TAU, but also hosts numerous other affiliated academic institutions, such as Titan Tech, a major engineering college. Fully 20% of Aarhus’s population are students at one institution or another, many of them offwordlers.

Unlike Martian universities, which mostly lack physical campus buildings or sites, TAU and other affiliated schools draw many of their students from the widely scattered habitats of the outer system, where delays in radio communication make distance learning ineffective, as well as disrupting the feelings of community and brotherhood that Titanian education champions.

Aarhus’s layout is typical of Titanian cities. Three central domes are surrounded by numerous smaller structures, including lesser domes, fusion plants, and industrial outbuildings, the most massive of which is the now-abandoned methane utility plant on the lake shore. One of these domes and its connected outbuildings make up the main campus of TAU, but contain extensive residential and commercial complexes to support the university community.

The dome interiors are hung with lighting rods and heavily built up with tall, narrow buildings, most of which have upper decks where hazers on the wing and pedal-powered microlights can land. Exterior structures usually have outer walls built of ice for shielding and structural support with internal walls extruded from local silicates. Many buildings are a rich azure or other shades of blue for contrast with the ever-present orange glow of the Titanian sky.

Aarhus is the center of Titan’s native preservationist movement, which opposes inefficient use of native hydrocarbon resources due to possible long term effects on Titan’s climate, and are allied with the Ecological Faculty of TAU.

Titan Autonomous University

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