The group calling themselves argonauts is a public organization advocating the socially responsible use of technology.

The group chose its name from the pre-Fall Jasons, an advisory group that consulted for the US government on matters of scientific and technological progress and its possible dangers. The argonauts likewise offer consultation services to political and economic powers throughout the solar system, but strictly refuse to be drawn into the solar system’s political affairs in any way.

Despite a pre-Fall break with many hypercorps before the Fall, which in some cases included expropriating corporate data and resources, the argonauts re-earned favor by providing their expertise in combating the TITANs to all during the Fall.


The argonauts are strong proponents of the open source movement, advocating open access to technology and information. In their view, providing equal access to transhumanity’s knowledge and achievements will further transhuman growth and security, so that all of transhumanity is more prepared forfuture threats and challenges. Thus the argonauts
often insist that payment for their services come in the way of releasing otherwise unobtainable information — hypercorp proprietary secrets, research data, nanofab blueprints, hidden pre-Fall archives, etc. — to the public mesh. The argonauts maintain several open databases and archives for this specific purpose.

While primarily an open organization, the argonauts are rumored to ultimately report to an elite inner circle. Supporting this theory is the existence of the medeans, the organization’s clandestine paramilitary wing, performing bodyguard services to high level argonauts and protecting the group’s assets.


Glory MatthewBowers